The Steve McQueens

Firefly is The Steve McQueen’s first release in 143 weeks following their acclaimed full-length album, ‘TERRAЯIUM’ in 2017. The song comes fresh off the band’s ‘Nerd Lounge’ tour at the start of the year where they played shows at the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival, Tokyo Big Romantic Jazz Festival and the Esplanade Singapore.

Firefly finds new ways to redefine the band’s signature sound with dynamic arrangements, neo-soul grooves, and daring sonic ideas. The ethereal new track serves as the lead single of The Steve McQueen’s new EP, Tape Ends, scheduled to land on digital and streaming platforms on 7 August 2020.

The band is also currently writing and recording new material for their fifth album, The Observer to be released in 2021. According to the four-piece outfit, “The Observer stands apart as an indifferent spectator at the ongoing culture clash between the jazz traditionalists and the new guard, smiling quietly to himself– making music.”

Feel the stars
Feel the night
Strangely so close
We could taste it in the air
And everywhere
The scent of the night

Feel the stars the glowing embers
Strangely so close
Reaching to eternity as we inhale the scent of the night

Hope sighs
Strain against the shadows
Covering the meadows with stars

Dreams cry
Darkness overcomes us
Light overruns us
And the flame dies
The flame dies
Don’t die, Firefly
‘Cause you’re beautiful