The Steve McQueens

Hephaestus is the first single off The Steve McQueens' highly-anticipated upcoming album, TERRAЯIUM (pronounced ‘terrarium’). Accompanying this release on the same day is The Steve McQueens' long-awaited TERRAЯIUM concert at the Esplanade Recital Studio. Fans can look forward to a goosebumps-inducing experience with the trademark livewire energies of frontwoman Ginny Bloop and the neo-vintage soul-funk band performing Hephaestus as well as other tracks from TERRAЯIUM.

TERRAЯIUM is a reflection of the band’s journey in the past two years. Having undergone soul-searching metamorphoses at both personal and collective levels, the album is a blossoming realisation of artistic purpose - the planted seed has fully grown. And along with it, a new The Steve McQueens sound.

“For us, recording TERRAЯIUM was really about looking inward and finding futility in solitude; then fully resigned to recommit to the relationships that constitute this life, we go out and buy some new kicks. This is the soundtrack for buying sneakers.” - The Steve McQueens

TERRAЯIUM will gently unravel to the listener, exploring new directions while eschewing common traps to fall into trendy, faddish ones. Because ultimately, cool isn’t about deliberately setting oneself up for something, but about being comfortable with living; embracing one’s journey at one’s own time and pace - that is what TERRAЯIUM is about.

" A listen to first single, ‘Hephaestus’, is evidence of how much they’ve grown artistically; a fresh, yet familiar, offshoot from their existing body of work.” - BURO.