REPACK (feat. CHAE, Shai & Raina Sum)

Ihasamic! x Wovensound

Singapore hip-hop/visual artist Ihasamic! and producer Wovensound show their creativity in full force with the release of Repack. Redefining the visual album format with infectious lo-fi sounds and impeccable direction, the 4-track EP and short film tell the journey of a person struggling with his mental health and how sometimes life can fall into what feels like an endless loop, the same experiences and conversations you have with yourself repackaged into different days.

“These 4 tracks were meant to be like a short, reflective therapy session,” Wovensound shares. “They cover the theme of repetition and mundane cycles that we go through daily, on a much more personal level - an internalized conflict instead of an externalized struggle. Ihasamic! wanted it to play like a slice-of-life story that loops daily, when repackaged into a different vessel, will you be able to tell the same shit apart on different days? That’s the question that pops in our head during the entire production process.”

Featuring local artists CHAE, Shai and Raina Sum, the visual EP meld surreal visuals with an incisive commentary on mental health awareness. Rap artist Ilhasamic! adds, “Sonically the EP is played in a cinematic way, four acts one after another, and makes sense when repeated start to end in a loop. The visuals of the accompanying short film completes it.”

Directed by Ihasamic!, the 10 minute short film weaves the entire EP into a visual story that mirrors the musical journey of REPACK. It premiered to fully sold out screenings on 7 January 2021 at the UltraSuperNew Gallery, Singapore.

Track1: Exit Cell Signal Range

I’m going, I’m gone I’m gone I’m gone
what’s the point having these wings if I don’t fly
Unsure, I’m torn I’m on the fence
to my defense
nothing makes sense
to me anymore

I could make it feel ok
I’m in control of myself im in good shape
with no problems whatsoever
that’s a lie
I’m not in the head space to deal with the usual unusuals
but then again I never am
but still I try
still I fly from fence to fence
no point in dropping in on either side
because none do make sense
coz how do you make friends
when everyone is cordoned off to their corners
diplomas climbing like zombies getting blocked off by these honors
diplomacy is their weapon but decency is no option when you lack
privileges they have been having for ages
the playing field never level hit that emboss with the bevel
make it pretty and mask it up wax it off
clean it from the roots
keep telling yourself that you’re the force of good
but how can you be when you’ve never known the life the evil
how can you be when you don’t even see your acts are lethal
get off your high horse, consider people for a little
all things considered I’m just trying to be considerate
consider it a warning shot from but a rubber bullet
should still hurt but only to your ears
take the time to recover and change til then I’ll disappear
til then I’m going

I’m going, I’m gone I’m gone I’m gone
what’s the point having these wings if I don’t fly
Unsure, I’m torn I’m on the fence
to my defense
nothing makes sense
to me anymore

Track2: Slow Burn In Serotonin

let it go my way this time
let it be known I tried my best to get up this morning
slow it down oh slow it down

let it be easy
coz last night was a mess I do attest
my mind’s awake but my body is frozen still

i can’t move, it’s no joke like you can’t groove to beats or dance with two left feet or 8 whole tentacles it’s truly a spectacle to see yourself jammed up like an engine stall
try to even move at all
my body is very clearly telling me yes
my mind is not cooperating prompting me to end myself
I know it’s jarring the difference
but I don’t control the system so I ride out until I run out of fuel that runs in my very being
the core of my existence
it fleets but it’s permanent enough to make a difference what a difference time makes
when you wake up every time with a cold sweat, it’s no sweat no worries business as per normal
what a time to be alive
“heh” as if it ever was a choice
you don’t get a say how could you, you don’t even have a voice
but now you do so speak, let your truth out
but also listen, and don’t speak too loud

Slow it down, slow it down, slow it down (x3)

Slow it down

Track3: Scream Me To Sleep

banging down the doors of my subconscious while I’m unconscious
my eyes are closed my body’s on the floor,
more, so than it has ever been grounded
I am hugging at the pillows I am resting pretty soundly
despite the noise and pollution, I can’t afford a stunt double or any form of substitution
should I get to the sink perform ablution
or sink me back to sleep and pray for absolution absolutely not in my plans to pass in passing

passing by I’m a traveller in transit I’m here for a moment then I’m gone
oh im a season for no reason other than to just be, so let me
so let me

let me honest let me be forward with you
let me be frank oceans pacific mistakes prolific
the dust in my attic is thickening unused
it’s sickening what’s there
it’s nothing and everything I could ever think of
not rocket science liftoff
without me trying to piss off
everyone else around me, surround me
ears tingle at sounds conditioned by pavlov
drooling like a dog put me to sleep a proper sendoff

passing by I’m a traveller in transit I’m here for a moment then I’m gone
oh im a season for no reason other than to just be, so let me
so let me

Track4: Tight Timeline Revert ASAP

move quickly,
time waits for no man, time is not sentient, it
runs to end til the
end of time it reboots into a loop
zoom past the hoops and collect the gold corrupt the soul
pull the tie up the neck
set up the fit
and what’s next, open shop
profit of the prophets of old
identity of the new
play dumb play dead
act like I really never knew
what was it that lead to my infamy
the conversation that I responded with what’s in it for me
I play in the grey no traditional dichotomy
extending my stay? thank you for having me
thank you for having me
now that you have me, I’d hate to change it to the past tense
we’re past sense, I’d say we’re good I’d say we’re all friends
except for
not gonna say any names
shit gets old but don’t mature
just like the person is question
pray for the day you start learning your lesson
if you feel you’re bigger let me tell you that your less than
reality check, wonder how you keep making cheques,
If i were you by now I’d be too embarrassed to be making a living
Hope you got stamina coz it must be tiring to be always playing the victim
oh my, oppressed? sad shit
oh well, move on, has been