The Steve McQueens

Sun’s snuggle-friendly vibes will ease listeners in after the cerebral head-trip of Hephaestus, whilst showcasing the creative growth of Singapore’s esteemed neo-soul quartet. And while the single’s threads of influences lie in the realm of other soul-jazz masters like Robert Glasper and Erykah Badu, the result is still undeniably, unquestionably The Steve McQueens’.

“We started writing Sun during a soundcheck. We were in the studio that day for a session, and the music happened pretty organically. I love how the natural environment gives us such warm and fuzzy hugs. It’s the kind of love that’s truly unconditional, you know? I knew I had to write something about it. The warmth that the sun gives… it heals." - Ginny Bloop

Exploring new terra while retaining individual creative identity is a theme that aptly characterises the band’s two-year journey in making TERRAЯIUM. Having undergone soul-searching metamorphoses at both personal and collective levels, the album is a blossoming realisation of artistic purpose - the planted seed has fully grown. And along with it, a new sound.