Perfect (feat. Blahza)

OnlyM x Blahza

‘Perfect’ envelopes the listener in waves of serene melancholic vibes while it laments the pain and struggles of life and love. Perfect for crying yourself to sleep to, the emotional rap tune wistfully recalls memories of young love with fondness and newfound wisdom. Blahza shares in a statement, “This song is inspired by the relationships I had in high school. Love isn’t perfect, and leaving a relationship is okay if both of the people in the relationship are getting hurt in the process. Sometimes it’s actually selfish to stay in a bad relationship.”

“I wrote the melody imagining myself in space. I felt like the very emptiness of space was like the emptiness of a person who has been through a lot in their life. Everybody has to go through feeling empty at some point and that inspired me to do the beat.”, said OnlyM, the 20-year-old bedroom producer from Malaysia. This was his first experience collaborating with another artist. “Blahza perfectly elaborated and delivered the emotion and very chill, sad vibe that I was looking for,” the underrated electronic musician shares.

So maybe life ain’t perfect
Maybe life ain’t perfect
Maybe life ain’t perfect for you

Lately you been hurtin'
Lately I been hurtin', too
Lately we been hurtin' it’s true

[Verse 1]
I heard this life is unforgettable
That feeling is incredible
Relaxing on that medical
I cleared my whole schedule
Swore I’ll never let ‘em know
Yo vibe was so electrical
I was so shocked
That I really had to let you go
That I really had to let you go
That I really had to let you

[Verse 2]
Away from the focus
The light that we got from stars
If the asteroid come tomorrow
Then I’m flying back home to Mars
I’m looking at my house
But I swear it be worlds apart
From the planet I’m supposed to be from
From the planet I’m supposed to be from

[Verse 3]
Taking out a page
Inside of the whole Britanica
Google search my flight
Just to figure out how I landed here
I’m burning like a fire
And I’m looking up at the stratosphere
Tryna figure out
What’s the safest way to get outta here

[Verse 4]
I’m stumped but never stuck
And this love I done gave too much
And this air that I gotta breathe
How quickly it turned to dust
And I can see out the horizon
I’m rising up like the sun
All my life I came in second
It feel good to be the one

Lately you been hurtin’
Lately I been hurting', too
Lately we been hurting it’s true

And baby life ain’t perfect
Life ain’t perfect, nah
Life ain’t perfect with you